computer SMART III

Measurement with three current transformers guarantees an analogue reading of the company’s meter. The computer SMART III reactive energy regulator is the only regulator in the market that offers the possibility of using 3 measuring transformers in addition to the traditional method of measuring with a single current transformer, as well as providing the functions of an integral power analyzer and controlling the residual leakage currents.

computer SMART III is a regulator that guarantees excellent preventive maintenance operations by means of programming its alarms and the test options of the capacitor status, offering the maximum supervision and safety of your compensation unit.

  • Changing from 1 to 3 transformers in the following cases:
    – Changes in reactive energy penalties
    – Changes in consumption habits
    – Significant imbalances in the system
  • Replacingtheregulatorofanycapacitorbank
  • Perfect for installations with up to 4 objective cos φ, since it can
  • ItcanbeusedwithMediumVoltagecompensationunits.

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