CVM-B100, B150

The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 units are panel mounted three-phase power analyzers (dimensions: 96×96 and 144×144 mm, respectively). Both offer 4-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for Medium or Low voltage installations, in both 3 or 4-wire three-phase circuits, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, single-phase circuits or ARON connections.

The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 high-performance units feature a measurement engine that allows the user to analyse many different electrical parameters, in addition to offering a large variety of optional expansion modules for the same unit.

  • 5 voltage inputs (3 phases + neutral + earth) 1000 Vf-f
  • Energy Management Software (EMS) included with historical data register
  • Expandable unit, up to 4 modules, combining digital and analogue
    outputs, Modbus/TCP, MBus, LonWorks, Profibus, XML/Web
  • Universal power supply source
  • Customisation of parameters to be displayed
  • Operating hours indicator for preventive maintenance
  • 3 Tariffs (can be selected via the digital input or RS485 communications)
  • Autonomous datalogger with web server, connected to a M-CVM-
    AB-Datalogger module. Enables direct monitoring of the historical data stored in the unit via a conventional web browser.

Technical specifications & models

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