The CLZ tubular capacitor range is composed of capacitors with a tubular casing, of the drytype, covering a wide range of power and voltage ratings, at 50 and 60 Hz. The design, manufacturing and testing processes of CLZ tubular capacitors guarantee the production of top quality and long lasting capacitors. CLZ capacitors are composed of three basic units, which are introduced in a cylindrical metallic casing that is filled in with a gel, fulfilling the dielectric and mechanical housing functions.

  • Greater current capacity : 1.8 / n permanent
  • Greater tolerance to inrush currents : 400 x /n
  • More secure and safe : Inert gas
  • More efficient : less losses, under 0.4 W/kvar
  • Altitude : up to 4,000 m above sea level
  • ICE 60831 : 2014

Technical specifications & models

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