The AFQevo parallel multifunction active filter is the most complete solution for solving power quality problems related to industrial, commercial or service installations with presence of harmonics, consumption of reactive power (usually capacitive) and also phase unbalance. The AFQevo is meant for wall-mounting thanks to its small size to facilitate its installation.

  • Filtering capacity of 30 A
  • Energy Management Software (EMS) included with historical data registerReduced metallic enclosure for wall assembly. Its compact dimensions make
    it easy to install.
  • Range of filters for installations with 3 wires (3W model) or 4 wires (4W model)
  • Multi-range voltage and dual frequency (50/60 Hz).
  • Reduction of harmonic currents up to the 50th harmonic (2,500 Hz).
  • Selection of harmonic frequencies to be filtered so to reach the filter’s highest
  • Power factor correction. Both inductive and capacitive currents.
  • Phase current balancing. In the 4W model, it helps to reduce consumption in neutral.

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