Raption 50



Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, airports, road-side rest areas…) and privateones (companies with EV fleet, taxi stop stations…) where vehiclesneed to be ready to continue their journey in less than half an hour.

Concept Design

Conceived to address the main problem identified by Charge PointOwners / Operators when Fast Charging (low uptime), Raption 50 series bases its functioning in state-of-the-art modular
power technology.

Another key attribute considered has been its external design.Sophisticated, slim and robust are just some attributes that can be used to describe this series and make it ideal for any type of site (from the most stylish urban area to industrial sites)

  • Its modular power technology ensures a • very high uptime (reducing the non-operationexpenditure) since in case of power module
    failure the rest of modules continue charging.

  • Lower energy consumption (and therefore
    OpEx) is achieved due to a sustained high
    efficiency level resulting from disconnecting • power modules when lower charging power is requested by the EV.

  • The modular architecture allows power
    (e.g. from 25kW to 50kW) that offers
    a flexible solution to meet present and future EV growing battery demands.

  • It offers a unique connector care concept by means of gun locking feature (optional)and cable floating design, which results ona reduction of cable breaking risk (i.e. lowerOpEx and higher uptime).

  • Its double frontal key-locked door provides an easy access to the inside of the chargerwhich results in a lower OpEx due to a quickerinstallation and service (preventive/corrective). Moreover, it allows the charger to be installednext to a wall, optimising the available space.

Technical specifications & models


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