WallBox eHome


Designed to be installed (both indoor and outdoor) at private houses, communal blocks, companies and other places where user authentication is not a requirement.

Concept Design

Taking into account that many times a domestic charger is considered an appliance, a nice design and a small size are key attributes that are to be contemplated.

Furthermore WallBox eHome series offers other attributes such as low-cost, robustness, and user-friendly operation.

  • Compatible with BeON sensor (accessory), when combined with eHome is able to dynamically adjust the electric vehicle’s consumption according to the available power of the installation, avoiding the risk

    • Its well-thought-out shape allows the cable to be rolled up and keep it tidy and unbroken while the charger is not being used.

    • Simple user operation by its Plug ‘n’ Charge mode that avoids the user obligation of authentication by means of an RFID card, phone or equivalent method.

    • This series also includes a selector switch that facilitates the setup of the charger maximum output current (reducing installation time and cost).

    • Remote charging activation is also offered by means of an ON/OFF external input signal (e.g. timer).

    • WallBox eHome series provides a reserved space in case you want to have your own brand on it.

    of blackout and/or having to upgrade the existing installation (resulting on a lower initial investment).

    • The frontal LED bar not only informs the user about the charger status (e.g. operative, faulty…) but also EV charging status; charging (dynamic blue light) vs charged (static blue light).

    • Its frontal key-locked door with electrical protections (optional) not only provides
    an easy access in case the protection
    has tripped but protects the user against electrical shock. It can also be used as


    a user authentication method (using the protection as a ON/OFF switch).

    • The charger’s housing is made of ABS plastic which is both robust and UV resistant, providing protection against both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions (which increases the charger lifespan and avoids its replacement in just a few years).

Technical specifications & models


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