Post eVolve Basic


Designed for workplaces, communal blocks, shopping malls and those other places where a simple solution (no user management, no billing and no charging point monitoring) is enough to provide the charging service required.

Concept Design

It shares external concept design with Post eVolve Smart series which means that in order to be an adequate solution to many different applications (from stylish shops/buildings to companies located in industrial areas), it has been designed with both modern lines and robust housing, a winning combination.

Harsh weather conditions and user-friendly operation have also been key attributes considered during design process.

  • Its frontal key-locked door provides an easy • access to the inside of the charger which
    results in a lower OpEx (Operating Expenditure)
    due to a quicker installation and service (preventive/corrective). Moreover, it allows the • charger to be installed next to a wall, optimising

    the available space.

  • About the charger’s housing, aluminium and • ABS plastic have been combined in a robust
    structural design that provides protection
    against both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions, increasing the 
    charger lifespan and avoiding its replacement • in just a few years.

  • eVolve series includes the necessary electrical protections not only to minimize the human safety risk of electrical shock but also to ensure the maximum uptime due to independent protections per connector.

  • The Accessibility for the disabled has also been considered, complying with international standards regarding the height of connectors that facilitates its operation.

  • The LED beacons not only inform the user about the status of the plug but help to locate the charger when dark.

  • Simple user operation by its Plug ‘n’ Chargemode that avoids the user having to use an RFID card, phone or similar to authenticate.

Technical specifications & models


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