Cast-resin insulated busbar systems for power supply in Low and Medium Voltage installations

Eta-com is specialized in the design and manufacturing of safe, compact and maintenance-free cast resin insulated busway systems with copper or aluminium conductors for transmission of energy between 513A – 6300A.

Our betobar-r busbars are used worldwide in construction and industrial applications to deliver power and guarantee continuity of supply.

We offer tailor-made product design and high-quality manufacturing in Boom, Belgium – ISO9001 approved.


  • Very compact: up to 50% more compact than metal enclosed systems
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • Low voltage drop and high short-circuit withstand capacity
  • Overload capacity of +20% for 2 hours
  • Degree of protection: IP68 (LV) & IP67 (MV) -> completely water- and dustproof
  • Fire resistant to IEC 60331-21 and BS 7346
  • Fire-rated wall penetrations of S90, S120 & S180
  • Fire retardant bushings A90 and H60
  • Electrical continuity E30/E120 finishing available
  • EMC/EMI compatible (for sensitive environment)
  • Self-extinguishing insulation as per IEC 60332-3-10 and IEC 61439-6 (10.101)
  • Insulation level: class ‘B’, 130°C
  • ATEX component certified products up to 11 kV
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution and wide range of chemicals
  • Tailor-made terminal elements for connection to transformer generator and panel
  • KEMA-, ISO9001:2008 and CE-certified

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